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Getting To & From Your Trip


Making travel arrangements to and from your child’s Overland program is an important part of preparing for the summer. The information provided here will assist you in planning your child’s travel. If you need assistance or have questions please call us at 413.458.9672 or email travel@overlandsummers.com. For 29 summers we have managed the arrival and departure of thousands of students.


Please do not purchase non-refundable airline tickets until you have received an email from Overland confirming our review of your child’s Overland Health Questionnaire, Health Record and School Reference.


  1. Please purchase tickets directly from the airline, not from second party websites (eg. Expedia, Travelocity, etc.).
  2. Please purchase flights that arrive and depart within our flight windows. Planning your child’s arrival and departure within our recommended flight times is appreciated.
  3. Students should fly early in the day and should not travel on the last flight of the day if possible.
  4. If one is available, please purchase a non-stop flight. We recommend purchasing a non-stop flight even if this means driving to a major airport farther from home. Non-stop flights are less likely to result in lost luggage and late arrivals. If a connecting flight is your best option, choose an itinerary with a minimum connection time of at least 60 minutes and with each flight segment provided by the same carrier.
  5. For Europe-bound students. Travel from the U.S. must begin the day before the program starts to arrive in Europe on the first day of the program.
  6. Flying alone. Many students can fly alone (on an “Adult” ticket) to and from their Overland programs.
    1.  Unaccompanied minors. All airlines have age restrictions for children flying alone. Some children must be pre-registered as unaccompanied minors. Airlines provide escorted services and/or supervision for unaccompanied minors either as a requirement for younger children or as an option for older children. Airlines may prohibit certain types of flights such as overnight flights and connecting flights) for unaccompanied minors and tickets may not always be available for purchase online. Contact your airline for information about your child traveling as an unaccompanied minor. If your unaccompanied minor child is ticketed on a connecting codeshare flight (partner airline), please confirm both airlines' policies before purchasing the ticket. 
    2. Coordinate travel with another student. You can view other students’ flight plans on your portal. Click on Pre-Trip Information/Travel Information/Booked Flights. For contact information call 413.458.9672 or email travel@overlandsummers.com.
    3. Fly with your child. For our younger students, this is sometimes a good option.
  7. Using frequent flyer miles to purchase tickets. We recommend using miles to purchase tickets only if your child's trip is a non-stop or if your child can travel early in the day. Some airlines will not transfer an award ticket to a new flight when the itinerary must be changed due to missed connections or cancelled flights. 
  8. Baggage fees. Most airlines charge additional fees for checked baggage. If your child’s trip end baggage fees cannot be prepaid, Overland will pay the applicable fee and send an invoice for the baggage fee paid on behalf of the student. If trip end baggage 
    fees have been prepaid, please send verification of payment with your child.
  9. Flying with a bicycle. Please read Traveling With Your Bicycle for information about how to properly prepare and box your bicycle for the flight. Go to: overlandsummers.com. Click on your trip page/Before You Go/Travel Information. Notify your airline that you will be traveling with a bicycle and allow additional time for check-in. Airlines charge additional fees for bicycles. In late 2013 the (one way) fee for traveling with a bicycle on a domestic or international flight was: Air Canada $50/American & Delta $150/Jet Blue $50/Southwest $75/United $100 Domestic ($200 International)/US Air $200


Overland leaders and/or staff members will meet all students at the arrival airport. Leaders and staff wear Overland T-shirts and they will have your child’s flight itinerary and photo for identification purposes. All students will call a parent upon arrival (using an Overland staff phone). Please note: for programs starting in Europe you will receive a call in the middle of the night.

  • Registered unaccompanied minors. Escorted students should wait with their airline representative at the arrival gate to be met by one of their Overland leaders. Registered unaccompanied minors traveling internationally will be met just outside of  security. Identification information for the Overland staff meeting your registered unaccompanied minor is posted on your portal page. Click on Pre-Trip Information/Travel Information. Please provide the information to your airline before the unaccompanied minor's day of travel.
  • Students traveling alone (ticketed as an adult). Students will be met by Overland staff at their baggage claim area. Students arriving on international flights will be met outside the secure arrivals area


Overland staff transport students to the airport and assist at check-in. All students call a parent before departure (using an Overland staff phone). Leaders assist with baggage check-in and bring students to the airport’s security check point area. Bicycles will be boxed and checked in. Overland staff remain at the airport until all students have departed.

  • Registered unaccompanied minors. At check-in, Overland will pay the unaccompanied minor fee and send you an invoice. Escorted students proceed with their airline representative or Overland staff to the departure gate


International Programs (Includes Canada/U.S. programs: Nova Scotia & Acadia, Yukon Leadership and Canadian Rockies & Montana). Students must bring a signed, valid passport that expires no earlier than six months after their Overland program end date.

U.S. Programs. Your child should bring a school I.D., a driver’s license or other identification (e.g., a photocopy of birth certificate or photocopy of passport). Please do not send an original passport with your child on any U.S. based Overland program.

  • Virgin Islands Service. Overland recommends traveling with an original, valid passport.

Please keep a photocopy of your child’s passport at home. Visit www.travel.state.gov for additional passport information.

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