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The Overland Experience: Summer Camps For Great Kids

The Overland Experience

This is the Overland experience: a small group with inspiring leadership, engaged in a carefully crafted summer camp program that captures their imagination, stretches their abilities and strengthens their bonds with each other.

We place a premium on selflessness, consideration for others and teamwork. In doing so, we catalyze in the young people who join us an understanding of the world beyond themselves, beyond their own needs and wants—and we do this while showing them how beautiful and exciting, how full of promise the world is.

The Overland experience is not simply a summer experience—it’s a life experience with value and resonance that extends far beyond the boundaries of a single summer.

Why Families Choose Us

American Camp Association Accreditation

For 30 years Overland has provided rewarding summer camp experiences for more than 17,000 young people. Evaluated on overall quality and some 300 standards, Overland is fully accredited by the nationally-recognized American Camp Association, a distinction earned by few of our peers. Learn more about our accreditation and how we manage risk at Overland.

Small Groups

All of our groups are limited to 12 campers, and each group always has two adult counselors (one male and one female). When building our groups, we pay attention to age, grade, gender ratio and the mix of hometowns and schools. We also limit friend pairs in a group to just two (and we never accept triples). We have found that limitiing our groups to 12, and always having two adults in charge, is just about the perfect group size—big enough for lots of fun and friendships, small enough for caring support and terrific supervision.

Exceptional Leadership

Far more than simply guides, Overland’s counselors are excellent role models for our campers. Bright, charismatic and accomplished, our counselors-- at Overland they're called leaders, and rightly so-- focus on creating supportive, wholesome environments where our campers can flourish. Learn more about our leaders.

Everyone Contributes

An Overland trip is guided by our leaders but driven by our campers. With their leaders’ support, our campers capably manage much of the work of the trip: preparing meals, leading activities, finding routes, cleaning up, doing laundry. Sharing these daily tasks creates spirited, close-working groups where everyone contributes.

Careful Admissions

We carefully review each application with the goal of putting together groups of great kids. Our admissions team considers each applicant's health and fitness, and looks closely at the school reference that is submitted as a part of the enrollment process.

The Group First

At Overland, the group always comes first. By valuing teamwork and celebrating selflessness, campers learn critical leadership skills. Simple things, like waiting for each other at meals or doing more than your fair share, lead to important lessons that stretch far beyond the boundaries of the summer.

Appropriate Challenges

Every Overland summer camp program is a set of carefully crafted challenges with clearly defined goals: bike a coast, hike a mountain, serve a community, learn a language, improve a critical skill. The challenges are carefully calibrated, and the goal is always to have fun and make friends along the way.

High Expectations

We expect a lot of our campers—from playing by the rules to helping out to having a positive attitude. The obvious is prohibited—smoking, drinking and drugs—but more than that we strive to create wholesome and enthusiastic groups where campers feel welcomed and valued.

Phone & Internet Free

Overland campers leave their phones and electronics at home—for the time that they’re with us they are fully engaged with their group and their trip. Cameras, of course, are always welcome. 

The Overland Team

We have years of experience.

Our year-round staff of professionals has years of experience. With a wide range of talents and backgrounds, from newlyminted college grads to parents of Overland students, our staff brings a variety of perspectives to our work. Meet our office staff.

We focus on kids.

We put all of our effort into our summer camps for kids—the year-long focus of our senior staff is on getting ready for a great summer camp season-- that's it. For 30 years we have dedicated ourselves solely to creating the best summer camp experiences.

We love what we do.

We’re proud of Overland, and we care deeply about our work. We are driven by Overland’s mission—to catalyze in our campers an understanding of the world beyond themselves. We demand the best of ourselves because we want the best for them.

We’re here for you.

We’re always happy to talk about what makes Overland's summer camp programs unique—so call us: we’d love to tell you more about what an Overland summer could mean for you. Contact us today.

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